Issue No. 18 - The UnderWORN Issue

WORN makes exclusive mention of our unmentionables in a new issue all about underwear.

Brief Encounters

Sarah Liss briefs us on the work of Will Munro, the artist who turned plain white skivvies into museum bait with pieces that speak to voyeurism, electric sexuality, and personal truth.

Undressing the Past

Mai Nguyen details the death of the once-beloved bra fitting on account of empowering ads and DIY attitudes before Oprah’s divine intervention made us perk up to the opportunity once more.

Foundation Layers

Jillianne Yawney leaves the Mormon Church and ponders ideas surrounding liberty, lace, and how religious identity and intimates intersect.

Self Expression in the Souk

WORN talks to author Malu Halasa about the grandiose complexity in Syrian lingerie design.

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