Issue No. 16

Jeanne Beker Is Awesome

WORN chats with Canadian style icon Jeanne Beker about bad attitudes, breaking rules, and why clothes sometimes do all the talking.

Suited for Kindness

We place a very sparkly spotlight on London’s Pearly Kings and Queens, the famed charity organization with a tradition of giving in very glamourous fashion.

Re-Framing The Closet

Artist and activist jes sasche speaks on creating space for disability in fashion and the freedom that comes with changing outfits.

Magnetic Field

Things get surreal when looming sculptures and witchy wears combine forces in a most beguiling shoot. Black cat included.

Also in this issue: Everything I Know About Fashion, Material Girl, Books About Looks, Knowitall, Honorary Wornette

6.5x8.5 inches, 98 pages long. Hardcover.


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