Issue No. 14

Home Ec is Where The Heart Is

Catie Nienaber details the fall of home ec at the hands of fast fashion and feminism, and ponders if sewing class can find a home once again in the hearts of DIY divas and blossoming Betsey Johnsons.

Dress Blues

Robert Everett-Green lays out the history of men’s suit from its orderly origins on the battlefield to the countless cuts making homes in modern corporate closets.

Cut and Print

WORN pays homage to Ed Wood with horror, mystery, and just enough camp to keep our skivvies knot-free. 

Also in this issue: Costume designer Caroline O’Brien explains why tutus are more than froufrou, Everything I Know About Fashion, Haikus, Material Girl, Books About Looks, Knowitall

8.5x11 inches, 48 pages long, half in colour, half in black and white, offset printed on semi-gloss paper.


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