Issue No. 9

Reintroducing Valentina

Sonya Topolnisky profiles Valentina and wonders how a skilled designer with a pervasive persona goes unsung in the throes of the union between art and advertising.

Beauty as Duty

Hailey Siracky explores the details of a WWII propaganda campaign that ordered wartime working ladies to keep their faces made-up and features played up while holding down the home front.

Pulling a Museum Out of a Hat Box

WORN talks to fashion collectors Kenn Norman and Jonathan Walford about social history in fashion and transforming a private stash into a public institution.  

Colour Me

Plus, Emily Raine dissects the difficult relationship between the keffiyeh and commodification, and we take a critical look at the gendering of pink and blue.


We go equal parts above and beyond in an electric shoot coming straight from the future.

Also in this issue: Everything I Know About Fashion, Haiku, This Shit Ain’t Free, Books About Looks

8.5x11 inches, 48 pages long, half in colour, half in black and white, offset printed on semi-gloss paper


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