Issue No. 17

Comedy & Colours & Clues & Clothes

Haley Mlotek picks the brain of House of Cards costume designer Tom Broecker to find out why colour palettes, Capitol Hill, and character development go hand in hand

The Mineral Element

Emily M. Keeler explores the loaded relationships between our accessories and our selves.

Appearing Act

Alyssa Garrison explains exactly what femme visibility means to her, and finding strength in dressing like herself.

Accessory to the Crime

How some female felons used fashion to aid, abet, and adorn


WORN takes its cameras to Honest Ed’s, Toronto’s kookiest cultural landmark, for a whimsically Western editorial shoot ripe with appliqué.

Knocked Into A Cocked Hat

Robert Everett-Green examines the waning social significance of the men’s hat.

Also in this issue: Knowitall, Everything I Know About Fashion, A Totally Random Glossary of Hats, Books about Looks, and more.

6.5x8.5 inches, 98 pages long. Hardcover.

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