Issue No. 11

Jicky Business

Betsy Walters’ tells us about a signature scent from Guerlain that raised eyebrows and turned up noses all at once.

To Conserve and Protect

We hear from a textile conservator about how controlling pests and stuffing chests are all just a part of the job.

The Big Frame-Up

Stephanie Fereiro lays down the specs for a fruitful hunt for secondhand spectacles.

Flights of Fancy

We find out how ideas about femininity once fared 40,000 feet above as Kate Schweishelm delves into the history of the stewardess uniform.


WORN travels through meadows vast and eras past in a truly dreamy photo spread.

Also in this issue: Everything I Know About Fashion, Haikus, Books About Looks, This Shit Ain’t Free, Knowitall, Material Girl

8.5x11 inches, 48 pages long, half in colour, half in black and white, offset printed on semi-gloss paper.

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